Making an impact on human health together

Do you get excited about solving complex scientific problems? Are you also all about continuous learning and development? And do you enjoy working in a team of professionals in a fun-loving, open and honest working environment?

If that is YOU, then it is YOU we have been looking for!

DDL in a nutshell

What we do

At DDL, we specialize in (molecular) diagnostic testing and diagnostic assay development. We run advanced tests for our customers, such as pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories. We also design, develop and validate diagnostic assays, which can be customized for specific diagnostic purposes.

Who we are

Us ‘DDL-ers’ are highly motivated and smart, who love working in a challenging and dynamic working environment. We thrive as a team and are very passionate about solving complex, scientific problems to help improve human health on a global scale. Not just for us, but for all generations to come.

Our mission

At DDL, we focus on quality, knowledge and our customer’s wellbeing. It is our mission to keep enabling our customers to make a positive impact on human health. Therefore, we strive for continuous development of the quality and expertise of our organization and the professional growth and development of all of our employees. 

Core values driving our culture

Our shared passion for quality, complexity, science and making the world a healthier place, is what drives us. be able to do our best jobs possible, we think it is crucial to create a working environment that stimulates growth & development, and to develop an open company culture where everyone feels safe and valued. Simply a fun and great place to work, and a company to be proud of.

About us

At DDL, we offer state-of-the-art expertise to design, develop, validate and apply diagnostic methods for human diagnostics. Not only are we recognized by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and key opinion leaders as a top-quality diagnostic service & development company; we are also valued as a reliable business partner, who provides superior service. Our employees are highly motivated, flexible and they enjoy working in a challenging and dynamic environment, where teamwork is essential. Not only do we offer a good benefits package, we also motivate every single one of our employees to continue their personal development by simply enabling them to do so. Other additional perks we offer are Bootcamp and Pilates training sessions and of course team-building activities. Last but not least: yes, we enjoy great results, but we are not shy of a joke, a celebration, happy hour, a company BBQ, or a team building event either.

So. If you share our passion for quality, complexity, science, teamwork, having fun and making the world a healthier place, all at the same time, DDL is the right employer for YOU!